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Dog Control Laws in New Hampshire
The definition of a nuisance, menace, or vicious dog is as follows:

Dog at Large- A dog that is off the premises of the owner or keeper and not under the reasonable control of any person.

Excessive Barking- When a dog is barking for sustained periods of more than ½ hour, or during the night hours so as to disturb the peace and quiet of a neighborhood area.

Destruction of Property- When a dog digs, scratches, excretes, or causes waste or garbage to be scattered on property of another.

Dog in Heat- When a female dog in season (heat) is permitted to run at large.

Menace- When a dog runs after, or chases bicycles, motor vehicles, motorcycles, or other vehicles being driven, pulled or pushed on the streets.

Vicious Dog- When a dog growls, snaps at, runs after, or chases any person or persons not on the premises of the owner or keeper.

Vicious Dog- When a dog, whether alone or in a pack with other dogs, bites, attacks, or preys on game animals, domestic animals, fowl or human beings. 

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