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Notice of Standard Maxium Contaminant Level (MCL)
Important Information About Your Drinking Water
December 11, 2017

Steps we are taking to reduce Total Trihalomethanes (TTHMs):

New Castle hired Underwood Engineers. Inc. to analyze and address the issue. The consulting firm provided an evaluation including additional testing, alternatives for treatment, and recommendations to address the elevated TTHM levels in the Town's water distribution system. A technical memo outlining the work and recommended actions was reviewed and accepted by New Hampshire Department of Environmetal Services (NHDES) on March 31, 2017. Implementation is on-going including such things as bi-annual unidirectional flushing with increased flushing in warmer months. In the NHDES letter to the Town dated April 24, 2017, approving the technical memo, NHDES acknowledges that the Town system receives all of its water from the City of Portsmouth and as recommended in the memo the long-term solution is for the Town of New Castle to rely on the City to implement a capital improvement project (aeration of the Newington Booster Tank). The Town has and continues to request assistance from Portsmouth given 100% of water entering the system is from their system and has been tested to contain higher levels of contaminates. The quarterly test in July and October if 2017 showed TTHM levels at the point of entry to the Town System (Shapleigh) of 114ppb and 89ppb respectively. Although improving, both tests show TTHM levels exceeding the maximum contaminate levels accentuating the need for New Castle to work with Portsmouth to achieve better water quality. Portsmouth is continuing to address improving water quality. The Portsmouth 2013 Water System Master Plan recommended aeration of the Newington Booster Tank to treat for this parameter. A consultant was hired by the City in 2014 to perform preliminary design of that system and to also assist the water operations staff with optimizing treatment system operations to lower the levels of TTHMs. NHDES noted in its letter that its staff confirmed the Portsmouth project is planned to be bid Summer of 2017 with construction starting late Fall 2017 and completion estimated for Fall of 2018. The letter also requests an update be provided to them in January 2018 on the status of the long-term solution (aeration of the Newington Booster Tank).

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