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Penalties for Late Payment and Shutoffs
Penalties for Late Payment

When an account is past due at 30 days, a “first notice” will be sent to the customer stating the amount owed which, in addition to the water and/or sewer charges, will now include a $20 penalty fee to pay for the additional administrative processing incurred.  The customer will have 14 days in which to pay this first notice.  If the bill is not paid by the deadline specified by the first notice, a “second notice” will be sent via certified mail with an additional $20 plus mailing fees assessed to pay for the additional processing.

This second notice will also specify the date when water service will be shot off.  The customer will have 14 days in which to pay this second notice.  If the second notice is not paid on time, Public Works personnel will be authorized to shut off the water and a lien may be put against the property.  A charge of $36 will be assessed to shut the water off and later another $36 to turn the water back on.


If water is shut off for any reason, there will be a charge of $36 to turn water off and $36 to turn water back on to cover the expenses incurred.

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