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Department Overview
The New Castle Fire Department consists of a full-time Chief and Deputy Chief, and 27 volunteer/on-call members.

All of our members are on call 24/7, and respond to a variety of emergency calls on a regular basis.

Fire Suppression

Our station, located in the heart of New Castle, houses a variety of firefighting tools. Our firefighters train weekly on the basics of firefighting such as, fire hose movement, ladder skills, rescuing victims from hazardous areas, wild land firefighting, R.I.T.(Rapid Intervention Team), fire ground safety, large diameter hose operations, and fire apparatus operation. We strive to maintain a constant level of proficiency in these core areas so when the time comes, we will be able to react quickly and properly.

Emergency Medical Services

Over the past few years the fire service in general has taken a dramatic turn. It seems the number of structure fires has significantly decreased, and now Emergency Medical Service has become more of a primary mission for most departments.

The New Castle Fire Department responds to a large number of medical emergencies annually. We currently have 15 EMS personnel including 3 Paramedics. Our EMT's train at least once a month to hone their skills to ensure we can respond to any medical emergency confidently. All of our EMT's are Nationally Registered and licensed in the State of New Hampshire. Our department provides a rescue squad service for initial response to emergencies, while our ambulance service is provided by the Portsmouth Fire Department.

Water Rescue
The Town of New Castle is very unique in that we are made up of three islands. In fact over half of the town's property is water. Our department realizes this poses the possibility for a number of unique and challenging scenarios. In 1998, our department obtained a small Avon inflatable boat, and adopted the idea of responding to emergencies on the water, or on one of the two uninhabited islands that make up our town.

In 2006 our department obtained a 19' Boston Whaler from the Seacoast Emergency Response Team. This vessel has greatly enhanced our maritime capabilities. We now can attack fires in New Castle from the water, and we also now have a stable working platform for boat based rescues. Our department has also recently established a Rescue Swimmer program for select members which is based off of the Ocean Rescue Systems, U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Rescue Swimmer training program. Our 4 swimmers are trained in land based and also boat based rescues, as well as providing basic first aid.


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