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Seals regularly come ashore to rest, but people often assume that a beached seal is in distress. Some seals can in fact spend many days ashore at a time, and they do not need to stay wet. It is common to find seals on land, since they normally spend much of their time out of the water resting, sunning or sleeping. Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act, people need to stay 100 yards or more away from the seal. If you notice any entanglement or obvious injuries, call the New England Aquarium's 24-hour Marine Animal Rescue Hotline at 617-973-5247. If you find someone disturbing a seal on the beach, contact the New Castle Police Department at 603-436-3113.

Seagulls are federally protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act. If you find an injured seagull, you may contact The Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, ME at 207-361-1400. They are a federally approved wildlife rehabilitation center. The New Castle Police Department will not transport the seagull. If you would like to transport the seagull for care, call The Center for Wildlife ahead of time to be sure they will accept it.

You can take steps to deter skunks on your property through habitat modification. Attractants, such as garbage and pet food left outside, should be removed. Convenient denning sites such as wood and rock piles, elevated sheds, openings under concrete slabs and porches and access to crawl spaces under houses, all will attract skunks. To discourage skunks from denning, openings to all buildings should be closed up with boards or screening that extends 8 to 10 inches underground. Openings under concrete structures should be backfilled with dirt, and debris piles should be removed or stacked neatly to eliminate suitable cavities.

In most instances, food from poorly maintained garbage containers is the attraction around buildings. Preventive measures such as placing secure lids on garbage containers will usually solve the problem. Occasionally, skunks enter garages, cellars or houses and become trapped. If this happens, doors or windows should be left open to allow the skunk to leave.

Skunks should not be needlessly killed. They are highly beneficial to gardeners and landowners because they feed on large numbers of garden pests, mice and rats.

Bats often times enter a residence through an open window or chimney. First, determine if there is any possibility that human or domestic animal contact with the bat has occurred (e.g. a bite, scratch, other direct contact). If you have confirmed that there was no possibility of human or domestic animal contact with the bat, it can be allowed to leave on its own, or if it is in your home, it can be released. Close the room and closet doors, open windows, turn on a light and observe the bat until it leaves. If the bat does not leave, wait for it to land and, wearing gloves, cover it with a container and slide a piece of cardboard under the container trapping the bat. Release it out of doors, away from populated areas and preferably after dark.

If contact with the bat has occurred, capture the bat, carefully avoiding direct contact with it and without damaging its head. To capture the bat, close windows, the room and closet doors, turn on lights if the room is dark, and wait for the bat to land. Wearing gloves, cover the bat with a plastic cup, coffee can or similar container. Slide a piece of cardboard (or paper plate) under the container trapping the bat. Tape the cardboard tightly to the container. Immediately contact Animal Control to arrange for rabies examination of the bat.

Often times, the New Castle Police Department respond to motor vehicles accidents involving deer. If you are involved in an accident with a deer, you should notify the New Castle Police Department. If the damage to your vehicle is believed to be less than $1000, you are not obligated to file an accident report.

Visit the NH Fish and Game website for deer hunting information.

Visit the NH Fish and Game website for fishing information

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