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Property Tax Bills Frequently Asked Questions
When are property taxes due in New Castle?
New Castle’s property taxes are due annually each December 1st.

What period does the property tax bill cover?
The property tax due December 1st covers the fiscal year of July 1st of previous year through June 30th of the current year.  For example: 2011 taxes will be due December 1, 2011 and cover the period of July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.

What types of payment does the Town of New Castle accept?
The Town of New Castle accepts certified bank checks, cashiers checks, personal checks, cash, and money orders. If a personal check is returned for non-payment by our bank, an additional $25.00 returned check fee plus bank and processing fees will be assessed and payment must be made in a the form of a certified bank check.

When does my account start to accrue interest?
Interest accrues on unpaid balances at 12.0% annually and begins to accrue the day after the due date noted on your bill. This interest rate is established by State statute. Please note that we will accept the USPS postmark on or before the due date as timely payment. For those items without a USPS postmark, the payment must be received in our office by 2:00 p.m. on the due date to be considered timely.

What is the interest rate if a lien is put on my property?
The interest rate is 18.0% annually for a property tax lien. This interest rate is established by State statute.

My taxes are paid through an escrow account with my mortgage. Do I have to forward my tax bill to my mortgage bank?
It is the homeowner’s responsibility to forward the tax bill to their mortgage company for timely payment. However, many major banks independently request tax billing information directly from the Town of New Castle, and this information (which is all public information) is provided to them electronically. Therefore, it is possible that your mortgage bank may obtain the necessary tax information in order to make timely payments to us without receiving the physical tax bill from you. Please check with your bank directly for information specific to your circumstances.

If there is a lien put on my property, how long before further action is taken by the Town?
Taxpayers have two years from the date the lien is executed to redeem liens plus associated interest and costs prior to the Tax Collector deeding the property to the Town of New Castle, per State statute. A series of mail notifications are sent to the homeowner at the last known address as part of the deeding process.

How do I change my address for my property tax bill?
Send a written notice to the office.  

What kind of tax exemptions and tax credits does the Town of New Castle offer to its property owners?
Exemptions are available for the blind, disabled, hearing-impaired, and elderly. Tax credits are available for Veterans and Disabled Veterans. See the Town Secretary for more information and application forms.

I recently purchased my property in New Castle. How long before future tax bills are sent in my name?
The Town of New Castle generally sends their annual property tax bills out in late October. If the time of your property closing is near this processing dates, please be advised that you may not receive your property tax bill as it will be sent to the last owner of record with the Town of New Castle. The Rockingham County Registry of Deeds generally takes four to six weeks to record a new deed; the Town is notified of ownership once a month from the Registry of Deeds once the deed is recorded.

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