How to Join

The New Castle Fire Department has open continuous recruitment for the positions of firefighter (part-time) and emergency medical technician (part-time) as the availability of residents and conventional volunteers continues to follow the national trend of diminishing at staggering rates. 

How much experience do I need in order to join?

The department accepts membership requests from all certification levels and from those wishing to join with no experience. Your previous professional background may be of great benefit to the department with no additional commitment to training from you at all. Ask about how you can fit into the team when you speak with a member. 

What kind of training does it take to become a Firefighter?

As you may imagine the rigors and risks of structural firefighting cannot be understated. Annually ranked high among the nation’s highest risk professions firefighters and emergency responders must undergo intensive physical training along with a comprehensive classroom study course. Typically basic firefighting courses are two nights a week and Saturdays for three months. Some candidates choose instead to attend the fire academy in Concord and complete the course in two full weeks. 

For more information about these courses visit the NH Fire Academy website.

What are the steps to becoming a member?

Stop by the station at 43 Main Street, call (603) 436-1132 to speak with the duty officer or email the Chief at for more information. A comprehensive reference, criminal and motor vehicle check accompany a traditional town employment application. The Town of New Castle is an equal opportunity employer. 

Do I have to be a resident of New Castle to join?

No, many of our members live outside New Castle and either work scheduled shifts, stay at the station in their free time or respond from home as best they are able.