New Castle Water Project

 New Castle Water Infrastructure Schedule through early to mid-May 

  • 4-8-20 thru 4-10-20: Installing temporary water from Shapleigh Island to the Kittery Point Yacht Club. 
  • 4-10-20 thru 4-13-20: Install temporary water main from Peirce Island to Shapleigh Island 
  • 4-13-20 – residents may experience a change in the water pressure/flow between the hours of 9am – 3pm that were similar to what was experienced in January when the check valves were removed. 
  • Traffic controls will be set up from Shapleigh Island to Kittery Point Yacht Club on Tuesday (4/7) and Wednesday (4/8) 
  • Erosion control will be installed from Shapleigh Island to Riverside Cemetery on Thursday (4/9) and Friday (4/10) 
  • 4-13-20 through 4-17-20 the temporary water line and house service connections will be flushed, pressure tested, and disinfected. After the temporary water system passes the pressure and bacteria tests, the line will be connected to the individual homes. 
  • 4-20-20 through 04-22-20 the parking lot and the boat launch area near the bridge will be closed. 
  • 4-20-20 Contractor will begin construction of the permanent 12-inch diameter water main at the eastern end of the Sawtelle and proceed east toward the Kittery Point Yacht Club. 
  • 4-27-20 or as soon as the materials for the permanent 12-inch diameter water main for the tidal crossing are delivered. Contractor will redirect its forces to the tidal crossing. 
  • 5-4-20 Work will resume on Goat Island and continue eastward to the Riverside Cemetery. 

Updated 04.10.20