Great Island Common
Frequently Asked Questions


  1.  What time does the Common open/close?  

       9am – 9pm, 7 days/week, 365 days/year

       Admission charged from 9am - 6pm

  2.  What does it cost to get into the Common?  

       See General Admission Fees.

  3.  Is the Common a state park?

       No. The Common is owned and operated by the Town of New Castle. State park plates do not apply for admission to the park.

  4.  Are group discounts available?

       No.  General admission fees apply.

  5.  How many grills do you have?  

       20 on stands.  We do not provide charcoal.

  6.  Can I bring my own grill (gas or charcoal)?  

       Yes.  No open fires.  No charcoal provided.

  7.  How many picnic tables do you have?  

       35. You can bring your own table and chairs. 

  8.  How many picnic tables can be moved and placed together?  

       Maximum of 5.

  9.  Can I have a caterer?

       Yes.  General admission fees apply for guests.

10.  Can I have a horse carriage? 

       Yes.  Applicant responsible for clean-up. 

11.  Can I have a bouncy tent/house?


12.  Can I play horseshoes?  


 13.  Can I use golf clubs?


14.  Are there electrical outlets?  


15.  Is music allowed?  

       Yes, but be respectful to neighbors and park attendees. 

16.  Can I bring my own generator?  


17.  When do the bathrooms open and close for the season?  

       Early May – mid Oct.

18.  Are there trash barrels?  


19.  What do I do with my trash?  

       Carry in/Carry out.

20.  Can I have wedding and ceremony pictures taken?

       Yes.  General admission fees apply..

21.  Can I have a small tent?  

       Yes.  Maximum size: 10’x10’.

22.  Are animals allowed?  

       No animals from May 15th - September 15th.  No animals to be left in vehicles. 

23.  Are Service Animals allowed?


24.  Can I rope a section off?  


25.  Can I rent a pavilion/gazebo?  

       Yes.  See pavilion/gazebo rental.  See gate attendant if pavilion/gazebo occupied.

26.  Are kayaks and paddle boards allowed?


27.  Is fishing allowed?

       Only from the jetty/fish pier.

28.  Can I get to the Lighthouse from the Common?

       No.  Access only through the Coast Guard station. 

29.  What type of wood chips does the playground have?  

       Engineered wood fiber is used and conforms to national design standards.

30.  How many cars can the park accommodate?  


31.  How many buses can the park accommodate?  


32.  How many people does the park hold?  


33.  Can I come in the park early for sunrise and take pictures?  


34.  Can I have a church service?  

       Reservations only.

35.  Is there an undertow?  


36.  Can I collect shells, rocks, stones? 


37.  Can I make arrangements to pay for a group?  

       Yes, make arrangements with gate attendant.

38.  Can I use a metal detector in the park?


39.  Can I take sand or seaweed off the beach?  

       No, not for any reason. 

40.  Can I remove sand off the beach for use during the winter?

       No sand may be removed. 


Updated 7/21