GIC Information and Fees

Opening Wednesday July 1, 2020

Hours of operation will be from 9am – 9pm

Until further notice we will have a vehicle limit of 160 vehicles in the park at any given time. Vehicles in excess of 160 will be denied admission.

New Castle Residents:

  • No admission charge if vehicle has a current resident sticker


  • Admission charged from July 1, 2020 to the end of September
  • Updated Admission Fee's will be charged between the hours of 9am - 6pm

General Admission Fees:

  • $10.00 per passenger vehicle
  • $5.00 for Senior Citizen driven vehicle (65+)

Non-Resident Season Pass:

Non Resident Passes are currently available by mail only:

  • Regular Season Pass - $100.00
  • Senior Citizen (65+) - $40.00

Please mail the following to the Town of New Castle, PO Box 367, New Castle, NH 03854-0367

  • Copy of your vehicle registration
  • Self-addressed stamped return envelope
  • Check made out to the Town of New Castle
  • Senior Citizens (65+) please include photo copy of a valid driver’s license matching the enclosed vehicle registration

School or Rec Group Rates:  

  • School or Rec Buses - $100.00 per bus
  • No Organized Sports Activities: (volleyball, Frisbee, kickball, others): 

Tent Space and Pavilions/Gazebos:

  • Tents are currently not permitted

Pavilion & Gazebo rentals are not being accepted. The Pavilion and Gazebos will be available to the general public for use on a first come first serve basis until further notice.

Please note that the pavilions, gazebos and picnic tables are not sanitized to fight infections. Use at your own discretion.

Wedding Area Rental:

Until further notice, we are not accepting reservations for weddings.

Rev 06/2020